Enamel camping mugs for your next outdoor adventure

Enamel camping mugs for your next outdoor adventure
August 18, 2018 Something Nice
Breakfast on the beach with the black marbled enamel camping mugs

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of camping and love to pack up the tent and head off for a weekend outdoors when we can. Having the right equipment is crucial for your camping experience and that’s why we’re very excited to introduce our newest additions to the shop, our enamel camping mugs.

We think these mugs are the best camping mugs you can get. We’ve been taking two navy ones with us on our camping adventures for years and we’re pleased to say they’re still going strong. They’re perfect for your early morning brew as you wake up from the tent and an excellent addition to your camping trip.

Tea on the beach with the marbled enamel mug

The mugs are robust and hard wearing. If you drop one of these they’re not going to shatter like a plastic or ceramic cup. There’s a chance the enamel may chip over time, but the cup will still be safe to use and remain intact. The marbled enamel camping mugs are easy to clean and safe to pop them in the dishwasher when you get home if needed. They can even be placed on open flames and directly on the stove for when hunger hits and you need to heat up a cup of soup immediately.

The best camping mugs | Marbled enamel cup for outdoor activities

The mugs are also lightweight and simple to transport. They’re easy to take with you when walking or wild camping. We recently took ours with us to Scotland, and there’s nothing better than a warming cup of tea after a brisk swim in the sea! These camping mugs are great and should be an essential addition to your next camping trip. Shop the full enamelware range here and let us know what you think!

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