Interior inspiration: greys

Interior inspiration: greys
May 13, 2016 Something Nice
Grey home accessories and interior inspiration

Recently we have been coveting gorgeous grey home accessories and interiors, getting our fix of inspiration from Pinterest. Grey is a classic colour and one we are slightly addicted to in interiors and fashion (can’t beat a comfy grey sweatshirt)


Here are just a few of the fine examples we found that use greys to create beautiful interior and exterior spaces. One of the best things about grey is the different shades available, from soft light shades to moody dark statement colours.

Clockwise from right: Blood & Champagne via Pinterest, My Unfinished Home via Pinterest, Image via Cate St Hill Instagram, Plataform Aarquitectura via Pinterest


We also spotted this beautiful image on Instagram taken by @adaylikethis_, which we love. Get the look for a relaxed resting place with our Grey Heavenly Honeycomb Blanket, Gran Cushion and Fir Fir Fir Cup.


Accessories are a great way to add colour to your home without making the full move to redecorating or redesigning a space. Throw our grey wool herringbone blanket on the sofa for a classic addition that will keep you cosy or stack up a collection of our marbled espresso cups in the kitchen. Each one is unique with it’s own distinctive marbled pattern.

Clockwise from right: Birds Tray, Heavenly Honeycomb Blanket, Marbled Espresso Cup and Grey Herringbone Wool Blanket.

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Plants are a huge trend in interiors right now, particularly cacti and succulents and we love the combination of grey and green together. Group plants together in large and small spaces for a botanical corner in your home. (Images via Pinterest here and here)


If you’re looking for a splash of colour as well as classic greys then our Yellow and Grey Wool Blanket is the perfect solution. A modern wool blanket to curl up with on the sofa or bed. Shop here >>>

Shop contemporary grey home accessories and gift ideas here or browse our Colour: grey Pinterest board for more inspiration and ideas.