Indie Christmas gift guide by Young Gold Teeth

Indie Christmas gift guide by Young Gold Teeth
January 12, 2017 Something Nice
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We’re a little late to the game publishing this but we were so pleased to be part of this podcast that we feel it deserves a blog post (even if it’s very overdue)

Back in December, Emily from Young Gold Teeth included us in her special indie Christmas gift guide, which she put together for Laura Thomas’ Don’t Salt My Game podcast. Above you can hear a snippet of where Emily talks about Shedquarters (thanks Emily!) but we would also highly recommend listening to the full podcast here.

Emily has a talent for picking out new and independent designer makers as well as small shops and brands to explore. Her suggestions are great for Christmas but also for any gifts you might need throughout the year.

On top of all these great suggestions we also love Emily’s ethos for supporting small and independent businesses. As one of these independent shops we certainly appreciate every order and we’re sure the same will count for all the other designers and brands mentioned. Whilst we’re on the topic, we would also like to say a huge thank you to everyone who ordered with us over the year and in the run up to Christmas, it was a good one :) x