Introducing Something Nice

Introducing Something Nice
June 9, 2018 Something Nice
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Today launches our brand new shop Something Nice! After 4 years of running Shedquarters we have decided that it was time for a bit of a refresh. Anyone who was a regular visitor of Shedquarters will notice that nothing huge has changed, just a few minor details here and there but the biggest difference is we have a new name!

When we started Shedquarters in 2014 we were working out of a shed converted into a studio, however now we’ve moved on the name, which was relevant at the time, now feels a little out of place. Something Nice reflects our ethos for the shop much better as it’s much simpler and to the point.

In terms of how we run the shop nothing will change, we will still sell the great products you know and love and there’s lots more to come, and you’ll still receive the exact same level of customer service as you have done before.

For any questions then you can reach out to us at [email protected].