Scoop Pot

Scoop Pot

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This charming Scoop Pot is handmade by ceramicist Jode Pankhurst. The thrown stoneware pot is hand decorated with a bold looping pattern made using free hand painting and finished with a blue base. Jode’s bold playful style leaves each pot with it’s own unique finish.

The Scoop Pot has a gloss inner finish making it the perfect pot for flowers or a beautiful planter for a succulent or cactus. Use your Scoop Pot to store pens and pencils or make up brushes in the bathroom.

The pot measures approx 65mm tall and 60mm diameter.

As each pot is hand thrown and hand decorated please allow for minor imperfections to each item that add to it’s unique character.

These pots make great gifts on their own or mix and match with different designs from the full Jode Pankhurst collection here. 

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Jode Pankhurst Scoop Pot

Jode Pankhurst makes beautiful ceramics from her London studio. The Jode Pankhurst Scoop Pot features one of her bold painterly patterns . Her handmade ceramics all have a unique finish due to her painterly mark making leaving each pot with a subtle but different finish to the next.

Jode studied illustration in Edinburgh and has gone on to create a bold and playful style to her ceramics. Working mainly in monochrome tones inspired by simple and beautiful Scandinavian patterns and prints.

Jode makes the bold marks of the Scoop Pot using free hand. Adding a personal touch to each item leaving her mark as the maker.

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